The Czech Republic has a strong heritage in the research and discovery of cannabinoids. As far back as 1955 Prof. Jan Kabelik laid the basis of the scientific research into the healing effects of cannabinoids, pioneering a legacy of research in the Czech Republic that continues to this day. 

Later in 1955 Professors Zdeněk Krejčí and František Šantavy were the first in the world to discover and isolate cannabidiol acid (CBD). A truly ground breaking discovery. In 1963, Prof. Šantavy was the first to publish the correct absolute configuration of CBD and THC. 

Four years later Prof. Raphael Mechoulam of Israel independently found and verified these findings. 

Published in the Czech language behind the Iron Curtain, much of the pioneering work of the Czech scientific community on CBD and other cannabinoids was hidden from the rest of the world for decades. Today, this inherited knowledge is passed down the Czech scientific platform. It is this Czech scientific knowledge that is the foundation upon which the formulation of these HEMPE® products are based.

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