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Neatly nestled in the heart of Europe, where the beautiful Vltava river flows through one of the most majestic European cities, you will find Hempe’s headquarters. The creators of Hempe® products come from one of the oldest scientific traditions investigating hemp and the non toxic, healing properties of the chemicals you can take from the plant. The Czech Republic is rich in culture and science. It is this tradition of science that allowed research into hemp and cannabis to begin in 1954. Most of the rest of the world would have to wait decades before beginning their own research. Hempe® uses this advantage to make the healthiest, and smartest choices as the product range was created.

Hempe® is full of products that are useful for active adults as we try to naturally improve the quality of our lives with better choices. The most important chemical to come from hemp is cannabidiol (CBD). This chemical is new to most  of the world, but as it spreads, it helps to unlock health and wellbeing. CBD has incredible skin care  properties. We don’t think it is quite the fountain of youth, but your older self will thank you for adding it to your life. Together with good food and fun exercise, CBD can help prevent more serious illness from taking hold of your body. 

North America is surfing a CBD wave right now. Young adults to older health conscious people, they are feeling the powerful benefit of one of natures strongest non toxic, non psychoactive, anti-inflammatory substances.  CBD has been confused with cannabis but more and more people understand that it is health without the “high”.

Here at Hempe®, we want to begin a life long conversation with you. How can CBD help, and what is the best way to add it to your life. We promise to always put you, our customer first. As government legislation slowly changes, we will have more than cosmetic CBD products for you to use to maximize your best, healthy life. Each Hempe® product is sent from our family, to yours. Carefully created, precisely manufactured so you can always trust your Hempe®.

Why choose Hempe®?

HEMPE® products have been uniquely developed by scientists who have decades
of experience in product formulation and have world class expertise in product R&D.

100% THC Free

100% Non-Psychoactive

EU Certified Hemp Variety